An Active &
Vibrant Community

An Active &
Vibrant Community

At Heritage Assisted Living, we strategically design activities to improve physical health (fitness classes, yoga), spiritual health (Bible study, church services) and brain health (brain games, social gatherings, outings!) All the while, building relationships!

Attention Visitors:

Due to the Executive Orders pertaining to COVID-19 all group activities have been suspended. In the meantime, we are finding creative ways to keep our residents engaged. If you have any questions please feel free to call 248-891-3251 for more information.

Heritage Arts and Crafts Social Activites

Arts & Crafts

Get social and creative with our arts and crafts activities each week! Take up a new artistic pastime with us.  

Social Activities Heritage Fitness


We have a fitness room with many different pieces of equipment open to residents. Regular group fitness classes also meet multiple times each week.

Heritage Social Activities Group Outings

Group Outings

Join in on the fun of our group outings each week as we take our residents around town!

Social Activities Heritage Entertainment


Each month, our residents enjoy a number entertainment events from concerts and performers, to speakers, movies, and more.